Achtung ... U-Boats Passing: A Saga of War at Sea Epub

Achtung ... U-Boats Passing: A Saga of War at Sea Epub Å ... U-Boats Passing: MOBI ☆ ... U-Boats Passing: A Saga ePUB É U-Boats Passing: PDF/EPUB ¿ U-Boats Passing: A Saga PDF/EPUB ² Achtung ... PDF \ Achtung U Boats Passing Vol is the follow up to the successful Achtung We Rule the Waves Vol , both are comedy war novels by the very talented writer Alfred Nest Vol. 2 Achtung U Boats Passing Volis the follow up to the successful Achtung We Rule the Waves Vol, both are comedy war novels by the very talented writer Alfred Nestor This story, as in the last, features Commander John Hurst RN DSM Bar The story begins in WWLiverpool, England where Commander Hurst has been back in Liverpool for some months after completing a rather complex operation out in the Irish Sea, where he had been able to locate and destroy a secret U Boat base on a little Island off the coast of the Irish Republic As in the previous volume, this covers cat and mouse chasing between U boats and the destroyers of the British Navy Alfred Nestor is to be applauded for his unique talent in creating a masterpiece EXTRACTS FROM NOVEL The Admiral settled back in his chair, and took a drink from his glass, then looked at the two officers sitting in front of him He smiled, and looking at John said, That was a great job you did in the Irish Sea John, and Churchill is over the moon, so, as the Irish have no idea that we were involved, so no political letters of complaint flying about In fact Churchill bit through his cigar when he heard the good news Mind you, I suspect that the Irish Republican Government have a fair idea that we were up to something in their waters, but find it convenient not to mention anything Kapitan Hans Kruger was sitting in his cabin, with his First Officer, Fritz Bruno, and they were relaxing over a nice hot acorn coffee, which tended to deaden their taste buds a blessing The fact that they were relaxing together in this way was rather strange as neither man thought highly of the other, as they both thought the other one was round the bend, and not fit to knit socks However, after their adventures, they were in a truce stage, but they both knew that this would not last Fritz Bruno knew that his Kapitan would soon start going odd again, so, once there was a full moon Nevertheless, for now, he thought, I might as well enjoy the peace and calm You know, Fritz I am still in a state of shock at the way things have turned out after our escape from the British I was fully convinced that old Adolf or even Admiral Doenitz would have us and the crew shot for the loss of our old U Boat So U X sailed on in the English Channel, and in the midpoint between England and France, turned north and headed towards the Orkney Islands Now, one of the things about sailing towards the north of the British Islands in a war situation, or for that matter, in any compass point, is that the British Navy would try to stop you More so if you had the magic letters U painted on the sides The British Admiralty had no sense of humour in this respect, so U X, or rather its Kapitan, made sure that they remain submerged, but on occasion, just out of interest, they would poke their periscope out of the water WHAT THE AUTHOR SAYS Ina total of twenty four U Boats were destroyed thirty five ineighty six in in in , andinThe U Boat arm of the German Navy had the highest loss of men to the total ratio of manpower in the whole of the German Armed Forces It has to be stated, that though the U Boats nearly isolated the United Kingdom and resulted in thousands of sailors being lost at sea from all the Allied Nations, they were without doubt, very brave men, even if they were the enemy from the allied point of view To go to sea in a war, means not only fighting the enemy but also the sea Many times, the sea won All those who went to war at sea, knew that death was their constant companion in all his many disguises