Confession of the Lioness

A dark, poetic mystery about the women of the remote village of Kulumani and the lionesses that hunt them n nTold through two haunting, interwoven diaries, Mia Couto s Confession of the Lioness reveals the mysterious world of Kulumani, an isolated village in Mozambique whose traditions and beliefs ar

The Tuner of Silences

Mwanito Vital cio was eleven when he saw a woman for the first time, and the sight so surprised him he burst into tears Mwanito s been living in a big game park for eight years The only people he knows are his father, his brother, an uncle, and a servant He s been told that the rest of the world

A Varanda do Frangipani

O romance narrado pelo carpinteiro Ermelindo Mucanga, que morreu s v speras da Independ ncia, quando trabalhava nas obras de restauro da Fortaleza de S Nicolau, onde funciona um asilo para velhos Ele um xipoco , um fantasma que vive numa cova sob a rvore de frangipani na varanda da fortalez

A Girl Named Disaster

Nhamo is a virtual slave in her African village in 1981 Before her twelfth birthday, Nhamo runs away to escape marriage to a cruel husband, and spends a year going from Zimbabwe to Mozambique Alone on the river in a stolen boat, swept into the uncharted heart of a great lake, she battles drowning,

Every Man Is a Race

18 short stories which look at the issues of civil war, petty officialdom and curruption against the backdrop of post independence Mozambique They tell the wider Mozambican story through tales of individual men and women, and contain many strange and fantastic incidents.


In a place near Mozambique where no one knows the boundary, drought is changing everything Tens, then hundreds of people seek refuge in a forgotten outpost where a clinic is run by lonely souls of uncertain training, nuns staunchly determined to serve But the inundation soon becomes too much for t