Born to Shivaji and his first wife Saibai, Sambhaji was entrusted with carrying on the Maratha empire which Shivaji began Born at Purandar fort,he was raised by his paternal grandmother Jijabai Shivaji signed the Treaty of Purandar with the Mughals, and sent Sambhaji to live with Raja Jai Singh of


Panipat, Vishwas Patil s first literary work, takes a look at the third battle of Panipat, which took place on January 14, 1761 It presents the historical battle that progressed between the Maratha army and the army of Ahmad Shah Abdali, the founder of the Afghan Empire.The book initially follows t

शाळा [Shala]

Mukund Joshi is fourteen and newly in love He attends the same private tuitions as his classmate, Shirodkar, just for a glimpse of her, and follows her back home every day Sadly, she has not a clue that he is pining away for her, because in their society, boys and girls don t interact freely, much