The Chelsea Whistle

In this gritty, confessional memoir, Michelle Tea takes the reader back to the city of her childhood Chelsea, Massachusetts a place where time and hope are spent on things not getting any worse Tea s girlhood is shaped by the rough fabric of the neighborhood and by its characters the soft vulnerab


Ariel Schrag continues her tumultuous passage through high school in the second book of her acclaimed series of frank, insightful, and painfully honest autobiographical graphic novels Written during the summer following her junior year at Berkeley High School in California, Potential recounts Ariel


by Ariel Schrag 10th grade anxiety in excess and frustration to the fullest Definition is the tale of one girl s plow through this tumultuous year Ariel Schrag has been critically acclaimed for her work in Definition Jennifer Joseph of The Bay Guardian said, Schrag s perceptiveness and incredib


Valencia is the fast paced account of one girl s search for love and high times in the drama filled dyke world of San Francisco s Mission District Through a string of narrative moments, Tea records a year lived in a world of girls there s knife wielding Marta, who introduces Michelle to a new worl


Provocative, observant, and daring, this 1992 novel by one of America s preeminent lesbian writers and thinkers is being reissued for the Little Sister s Classics series Anna O is a loner in New York, an office temp obsessed with a mysterious woman in white leather Doc is a post Freudian psychiat