The Greedy Triangle

In this lively introduction to shapes and polygons, a bored triangle is turned into a quadrilateral after a visit to the shapeshifter Delighted with his new career opportunities as a TV screen and a picture frame he decides the angles the better, until an accident teaches him a lesson Inclu

Euclid's Elements

Green Lion Press has prepared a new one volume edition of T.L Heath s translation of the thirteen books of Euclid s Elements In keeping with Green Lion s design commitment, diagrams have been placed on every spread for convenient reference while working through the proofs running heads on every p

Geometry Revisited

Among the many beautiful and nontrivial theorems in geometry found in Geometry Revisited are the theorems of Ceva, Menelaus, Pappus, Desargues, Pascal, and Brianchon A nice proof is given of Morley s remarkable theorem on angle trisectors The transformational point of view is emphasized reflectio

Regular Polytopes

Foremost book available on polytopes, incorporating ancient Greek and most modern work done on them Beginning with polygons and polyhedrons, the book moves on to multi dimensional polytopes in a way that anyone with a basic knowledge of geometry and trigonometry can easily understand Definitions o

Sacred Geometry

Geometry is one of a group of special sciences Number, Music and Cosmology are the others found identically in nearly every culture on earth In this small volume, Miranda Lundy presents a unique introduction to this most ancient and timeless of universal sciences.Sacred Geometry demonstrates wh

Have You Seen My Monster?

In a follow up to Steve Light s highly praised Have You Seen My Dragon , the county fair is filled with shapes and somewhere among them a monster is waiting to be found A little girl gallivants through a county fair, searching for her furry friend Readers will surely spot the friendly monster as w


The bestselling creators of EXCLAMATION MARK introduce a triangle, circle, square, and rectangle who celebrate the gift of friendship.Friends shape who we are They make us laugh They fill us with fun They stand by us during life s up and downs And even when we disagree with our friends, if they

Beautiful Geometry

If you ve ever thought that mathematics and art don t mix, this stunning visual history of geometry will change your mind As much a work of art as a book about mathematics, Beautiful Geometry presents than sixty exquisite color plates illustrating a wide range of geometric patterns and theor